2nd in the first round of national championship

Today the results of the first round of the national championship in underwater photography came – and I placed 2nd!
My buddy and friend Gry (who is also shooting with an Olympus camera) won the 1st place – congratulations!
Girlpower it is – and we will be a dream team, together with our model Eirik Hole, during the splash-in-finale in Stavanger in September.

So what is a splash in competition?
Exactly what it sounds like: We splash in, every participant in the final, at the same place, at the same time – and we then have 90 minutes to create stunning pictures. Four dives like this, a few hours to choose the selected 5 pictures, one for each category, and our job is done. Then the rest is up to the jury…
Wish me luck!

During the first round we submit three macro and three wide angle pictures. Two out of three has to be taken in Norway, and all must be taken during the last two years.

Here are the pictures that gave me the great placing:


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