MedusaFoto at NNFF March 16th-18th

Every year NNFF (Norwegian Nature Photo festival) is held in Ski, Akershus, Norway.
The festival hosts world known, and not yet so well known, nature photographers that covers all different aspects of nature photography. Friday to Sunday is packed with exciting presentations where you can get inspiration and share the love of the beautiful world we all are a part of.

This year the event takes place March 16th to 18th, and MedusaFoto is very proud to be holding this years underwater presentation! To be asked to do so, when I myself know how highly educated and skilled many of the speakers are, makes me feel very honored and grateful. Thank you so much for trusting me to do this!
It feels a bit scary to present my pictures at such an event, but all I can do is share my love for life under water by taking the audience on a trip to the mysterious and fascinating world below.

I can promise is that I will do my best, and that I will not show you the pictures underneath as they are taken today, while my presentation is already ready sent to the clever people putting down a huge effort to make this tradition take place.

Please come to Ski! My presentation will be on Friday 16th at 16.00, but come earlier to enjoy the first presentation, and stay the whole weekend so you can soak yourself with great pictures, great people, and not to forget the exhibition and mass that is taking place at the same time.

Welcome to Ski!

Bull fight anyone?

With a parasite as big as the head!

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