Olympus visionary

Sometimes dreams that you did not even know you had come true. For me that happened when the telephone came from my «boss» in Olympus Norway, Annika Johansen, and she told me that Olympus Europe picked me to become an Olympus Visionary! This is only the second time in history when a Norwegian photographer has got this honor, and it is the first time Olympus will have underwater photographers as visionaries.

So for the next year I´ll represent Olympus, not only as a Norwegian ambassador, but also a European one. It is a surreal thought that the main office in Japan has been choosing to by some of my pictures to use in promotion of the equipment that I am so happy about.

In May Olympus will launch the new web-pages for the underwater visionaries. And hopefully I´ll be able to do some presentations around Europe during my year as a visionary.

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