On the podium internationally!

For several years now I have been a part of Team Norway where four underwater photographers compete with divers from all over Europe.
Every month Unterwasser Visions in Germany gives us a new task, a new theme that we should try to solve in our best way.

On my team with me I have several times Norwegian champion Lill Haugen, this years champion Bjørnar Nygård, and Rune Edvin Haldorsen that has been on the podium in the Norwegian championship many times, and that represented Norway in the World Championship two years ago, and will do so this year as well. So I do work with highly skilled photographers that I respect very much!

Several times before I have been judged to a top-ten-placement form the jury. Last time was this summer when the theme was «Waves» and my split picture of a sea star in swell placed 7th. My highest placing up until then 🙂
In September the theme was «Diagonal» and I submitted, after a discussion with my team mates, a picture taken in Bali of three razor fish.
On the morning 1st of October I woke up to the great news that the jury had placed my picture 3rd! 🙂 😀 🙂
So, for the first time I am on the podium internationally, and I also got the best placing on my team this month, with the newly crowned Norwegian champion on 7th, and the rest of my team following further back. A strong result gave Team Norway an overall 2nd place this month.
Well done everyone!

Three of a kind

The wave


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