Silver in the final!

The final of the Norwegian championship in underwater photography took place in Stavanger the first weekend of September 2017. And I was there. Placing second in the qualification, where my buddy and friend Gry Henriksen ( won the first round, Team Girlpower aimed to have fun and create nice pictures in the final, together with our model and assistant Eirik Hole.

Due to an infection in my stomach, and a week spent in hospital prior to the final, my body was not very cooperative. Nighter was the wind during the first dive on the first day – so the dive site had to be altered. But 18 divers and some models all dove in, was swept from side to side from the surge during the whole dive, and came up more or less satisfied with the results.

The dive clubs arranging did an enormous good job, and barbecue between the two dives during the first day of the competitions was highly valued!
While the other socialized, I had to find some place to lay down, plug my ears, block out all the lights, and get some desperately needed rest before the next dive.
After the second dive my body was so exhausted, all my strength gone, my «battery» so empty all I could do was weep. So no social gathering with sponsors and competitors for me – I went straight to bed.
…and could not get out of bed next morning for the third dive of the competition…

So, dive three went without me, but in the afternoon I had gathered enough strength to get out of bed, was picked up, literally dressed by others, and plunged into the water for the last dive. And then back to bed again…

With less dives than the others, and a body and mind that did not cooperate, my hopes for getting a good placements where really low during the price ceremony the day after. To my surprise I won silver in «Macro»!
On top of that I placed 4th in the theme category wich this year was «Selfie», and 5th in «Wideangle with diver» (thank you for a good modeling job Eirik).
With my favorite picture placing 11th in «Fish» and a 13th in «Wideangle without diver» my expectations were not the best for the overall placing. But to my surprise I got 6th!
Considering the fact that I was in really bad shape, could not do all the dives and had trouble concentrating – I am very, very happy with this years result!

Next year my overall plan is not to spend the last month before the championship in a bed, neither in hospital or home, and to be able to do all the competitive dives, and enjoy them 🙂

Wideangle with diver NM 2017

Selfie NM 2017

Ghost fish

Silver in Macro NM 2017

Wideangle without diver NM 2017

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