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MedusaFoto is owned and run by Ann Karin Matberg, who lives on the island of Hitra in Sør-Trøndelag, Norway.

All her life, she has been fascinated by life under water. Her parents had a caravan by the sea in Lauvsnes, where most weekends and vacations were spent. Ann Karin walked on the rocky beach, hung over the boat’s gunwale or sat with her nose off the edge of the pier every available moment of her childhood. She started diving in 1995, but it took her 14 years before she brought a camera along under water. But after her first trip to the Maldives with her compact camera, she has barely been in the water without one!

Her photographs are not only taken under water. “The near things” have also been given lots of attention, both in the form of photography of nature, and in connection with weddings and portraits. Different jobs demand different things, something which develops both the working process and creativity.
Doing presentations is what´s closest to her heart – trying to raise awareness of all the life forms we find under water, and that we need to take care of the sea while it is still time.

Honors and achievements

Olympus Norway has picked her as their only ambassador with underwater photography as specialty. Olympus Europe has given her status as Olympus Visionary – this is only the second time a Norwegian photographer has this honor. She has also been a part of the development of the underwater housing for the EM1 Mark II camera. Ann Karin is also a proud ambassador for Fotografit, that helps her with every aspect of underwater photography and equipment that Olympus isn´t covering.

She has gained notoriety for her underwater photographs, both nationally and internationally. In 2015 she got on the podium in two categories during the Norwegian championship in underwater photography, and was named the country’s best female underwater photographer. The first round of the 2016 championship she won, and she got on the podium twice during the final, and placed an overall 4th, the best so far. She has also earned Top 10 finishes as a part of Team Norway in Unterwasser Visions.

For several years, Ann Karin has regularly contributed to the magazine Dykking (Diving), and the Hitra-Frøya newspaper. Her photographs adorn the aquaculture exhibition of the Coastal Museum in Sør-Trøndelag, and her pictures are often used by the interior architect Landevaag interiørdesign AS. She has also had several photo exhibitions, and lectures on underwater photography around the country.

Due to a body that, since 2005, has been severely affected by ME, every moment she can spend with the camera is important, be it above or under water. She simply loves working with her camera, both to capture new moments on her memory card, and to observe life above and under water.

It is not least important for her to spread knowledge about, and the joy of, the amazing underwater world that we have, both here at home and in warmer waters.

Do you like the work she has done?

The photographs are for sale, and Ann Karin accepts jobs both over and under water.

Contact her for a chat and an estimate.

(+47) 92 66 00 45

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